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Our Worthy Ideal

Client Centered

Together we have been working exclusively with the medical community for over a decade.  In our conversations with hundreds of physicians we found that no one had ever taken the time to truly educate them about money.  Countless physicians have told us that they:

  • Were sick of being sold to and solicited
  • Got tired of being bombarded by all of the advisors from across the country
  • Felt that they were being fed biased information
  • Were feeling like they were a "target." 

As a result, they didn't know who to turn to or who to trust. This is what they wanted more than anything; someone they can place their CONFIDENCE in with their money!

This is precisely why we established White Coat Wealth Advisors.  We've built our practice and live all aspects of our professional lives through what we refer to as our Worthy Ideal;

Our sole purpose is to educate and inspire new and established physicians; to help them protect, preserve and grow everything they have worked so hard to achieve.  They can then have an unwavering feeling of financial confidence. 

This is our passion, our purpose.  It’s who we are and WHY we do what we do.

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