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Our Powerful Planning Process

In order to utilize everyone's time as effectively and efficiently as possible, we've organized our planning process into 4 simple phases:

  1. Education (Evaluate)
  2. Planning (Diagnose)
  3. Implementation (Treat)
  4. Annual Review (Financial Physical)

The first three phases will be broken down to 4 visits lasting 45-75 minutes each.  These visits will build and implement your plan.  If you have a significant other or partner, we will require their attendance.  We will respect each others time and hold each other accountable to the "treatment" plan .We will accomplish this by meeting, at a minimum, one time per year to review your achieved results and preview upcoming challenges and opportunities. 

Our time together will be highly powerful, educational and entertaining.  All parties, including us, should come to these meetings rested, alert, and ready to make life changing decisions.  


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