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Our Philosophy

Like many high income earners, we feel the medical community has been vastly under-served.  Physicians have been exposed to common financial myths by common financial planners.  Traditional thinking has limited financial success and often put physicians in harm’s way.  This has to end and White Coat Wealth Advisors will lead the charge. 

We possess a unique understanding and keen knowledge as to the financial problems, concerns and frustrations that physicians face...we've seen and heard it all.

What we will provide is an uncommon perspective to physicians so that they can succeed financially where others have failed.  White Coat will challenge the status-quo and offer a refreshing approach to financial decision making.  We will educate physicians on the secrets to unlocking their full wealth building potential - secrets that only uncommon people and uncommon advisors know and live by.

Often we get asked, "Why a team approach?"  Good question!

We believe that like in medicine - Know what you Know, Know what you don’t Know and Know who to Ask. If a medical patient has a specific illness or malady, would you agree they should be in front of the most appropriate medical specialist for treatment? We do too! 

Joe's specializes is in all areas of asset protection, including; 

  • Personal Lawsuit
  • Disability Income 
  • Legal Documentation
  • Integrating Life Insurance

Donny excels in the area of investment & retirement funding strategies, such as

  • Retirement planning options
  • Personal investment planning
  • Tax savings strategies
  • College funding for kids 

At each and every point throughout our process, you will be in front of a specialist and getting the best education and advice at all times.

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