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Is my advisor working as hard as I am?

If you're like most established physicians, you have made investments and might have engaged the services of many different "advisors."  However, as this diagram illustrates, when was the last time all of your advisors were sitting in the same room, at one time, looking out for YOUR best interests?

True wealth management requires a specialized advisor.  This specialized advisor acts as your quarterback to develop and coordinate the right financial plan for you.  Thus everyone is on the same page.

Is your financial professional doing this?

Do you have a sound financial plan?

Most physicians say they do, but they probably don't. What actually happens is they buy financial products from many different advisors over the years, with no targeted strategy or plan. This results in what we refer to as "junk drawer" financial planning. This style of planning can lead to millions of lost dollars. Is this the treatment that your hard-earned money deserves? 

What is the solution? See diagram above. 

Am I properly protected?

Some physicians feel that the disability and the term life insurance policies they bought ten years ago are adequate protection. If you haven't reviewed your insurance policies since implementing them, you may not have enough protection. Not having the proper protection can be dangerous - for you, your family, and your practice.

The first step is to review what you have.  Give yourself a financial physical and determine the proper treatment plan. The last step is what most people fail to do, and this is the most important step: Take action. Implement the treatment. Properly protect yourself.  


Keep in mind the treatment plan is different for everyone. You are unique.  So, too, is your treatment. 

Is my strategy uncommon, like my income is?

Most financial information online, on TV, and even via "advisors" is geared toward the other 98% of income earners. Why? That's how they get traction!  They appeal to the masses. Is your retirement plan based on the opinion of- 

-the insurance agent you met a few years ago

-a talking head on a cable news network

-an author or blogger

-the broker who set up your 401(k) at work

If so, this could be a HUGE mistake!

You are uncommon - your strategy should reflect that of a top 2% income earner. 

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