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White Coat Wealth Advisors

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With the sole purpose of educating and inspiring physicians about money, Partners Joe Barwick and Donny Beattie, CFP® launch White Coat Wealth Advisors, The Medical Division of Foster Klima & Company, Inc.

Together, Joe and Donny have been working exclusively within the medical community for over a decade.  What they have learned is that nobody has ever really taken the time to truly educate physicians about money.  That is why physicians often say, ‘We don’t know who to turn to, or whom to trust.’  

Joe and Donny share a unique understanding and keen knowledge in regards to the financial problems, concerns and frustrations that physicians face.  This is precisely why they have created White Coat Wealth Advisors.  “This is our passion; our purpose,” Joe said.  “It is who we are and why we do what we do.”